Boudoir Photography – Why Profesional Hair & Makeup Are Important

Many elements must come together to achieve truly spectacular, high-quality boudoir images. The skill of your photographer is critical. A photographer must excel at lighting, posing and should be able to help clients feel relaxed in front of the camera.  You need to trust your boudoir photographer, so hire one you feel comfortable with. A client’s wardrobe can also have an effect on the look and feel of the session and should be chosen carefully. All of these things are important, but today I would like to specifically discuss the effect that professional hair and makeup has on your images.

Many boudoir photographers often overlook this important piece of the puzzle in an attempt to make your session more affordable. If your photographer isn’t offering hair and makeup in your package, I suggest you take it upon yourself to arrange for an appointment at a local salon right before your session. I also recommend you have your MUA (makeup artist) apply false eyelashes. The fee for false eyelashes is nominal and they make your eyes appear big and beautiful.

The images below illustrate the impact good hair and makeup has on a woman’s appearance.

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Images by Ed Young 

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