Boudoir Photography – Why Profesional Hair & Makeup Are Important

Many elements must come together to achieve truly spectacular, high-quality boudoir images. The skill of your photographer is critical. A photographer must excel at lighting, posing and should be able to help clients feel relaxed in front of the camera.  You need to trust your boudoir photographer, so hire one you feel comfortable with. A client’s wardrobe can also have an effect on the look and feel of the session and should be chosen carefully. All of these things are important, but today I would like to specifically discuss the effect that professional hair and makeup has on your images.

Many boudoir photographers often overlook this important piece of the puzzle in an attempt to make your session more affordable. If your photographer isn’t offering hair and makeup in your package, I suggest you take it upon yourself to arrange for an appointment at a local salon right before your session. I also recommend you have your MUA (makeup artist) apply false eyelashes. The fee for false eyelashes is nominal and they make your eyes appear big and beautiful.

The images below illustrate the impact good hair and makeup has on a woman’s appearance.

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Images by Ed Young 

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Boudoir Posing Inspiration ~ Boudoir Tips

With Valentine’s Day well behind us, we must quickly turn our focus to Bridal season! In the world of Boudoir Photography I find that with each new season of shooting comes new experiences, clients and amazingly sexy photography options. It is time to plan for successful wedding season in boudoir photography. Focusing on much of the same ideals as we do for Valentine’s day.

As a boudoir photographer, I try to focus on the glamour of the women I shoot. It’s not just about the booty, the lingerie or the bedroom..It’s about the overall glamour experience for our boudoir clients.  After shooting these images this past valentine’s day we decided to keep the sets simple, the images free of too much photoshop and focus on the woman! While at the same time..finding that happy medium between Glamour, sexiness and playfulness for their partners. Here at April Belle Photos we embrace boudoir..but we love to “Glamourize” the experience for our client! I hope you enjoy the photos and find them inspiring!

Boudoir Lingerie Outfit Ideas By Robin Owen Photography

This clothing store, The Fairy Goth Mother, sells the most amazing boudoir outfits. They don’t  just sell lingerie but corsets, petticoats, and retro clothing. It’s worth your time to click on their link and take a look. I definitely think an investment in one of these incredible outfits would be a great idea for your boudoir shoot. And if you purchase one I hope you come to me, Robin Owen Photography for your session!


VERY SERIOUS Warning For All Women Who Have Boudoir Sessions

Augusta Boudoir reports numerous unexpected side effects affecting both men and women have been reported after a boudoir session. Please take appropriate precautions to protect yourself accordingly

Warnings For Women:

  • Pregnancy may occur.   Augusta Boudoir admits being indirectly responsible for any pregnancies that result from having a boudoir session. If you find yourself pregnant at any point after your session with Augusta Boudoir, you will receive 25 custom birth announcements as compensation when you book a newborn session or first year baby plan through Scribbletime Photography
  • Addiction may occur. Women who intended to have a “once in a lifetime” boudoir experience have reported an overwhelming urge to do it again and again. Lack of concentration is a commonly occurring indication of boudoir addiction. This inability to focus on a task is caused from continuously looking at your pictures to admire them. Imagining different themes and settings for future boudoir sessions and looking at different lingerie for a future session is also an indication that you may have an addiction. Another indicator of boudoir addiction is thinking up different reasons to have a boudoir session. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, your birthday, anniversary, Christmas, losing 5 lbs, running a 5k…addicts make up all kinds of excuses.   If one or more of these symptoms occur after your session, immediately schedule another session with Augusta Boudoir, as this is the only known cure.

Warnings For Men:

  • Increased Heart Rate: If your wife had a recent boudoir session, you are at risk for irregular or fast heartbeat when looking at her pictures. If this occurs, put down the pictures and call your wife immediately for assistance.
  • Increase in body temperature: It’s true, boudoir sessions may produce steamy conditions inside your house which cause your body temperature to rise and can result in overheating. If this happens, take a cold shower by yourself.
  • Excitement: If you experience a tingling feeling, seek immediate assistance from your wife to render aid. But if your excitement lasts longer than 4 hours, then you really might want to call your doctor for help.

Classy Boudoir Photography by Robin Owen

 Robin Owen Photography

My clients often ask me for suggestions on what to wear for their boudoir photo shoots so I thought I would share a few examples here on the Boudoir Photography Network. The first outfit,  besides being gorgeous with its peek-a-boo lace and tiny bows, is also a great cover up choice if your model has a bit of a tummy. It’s super sexy without being too revealing. The sweater in image number two, is soft and sexy and could hide any number of body issues. The boy shorts and mans bow-tie create an adorable outfit that would look good on many clients. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and get a little creative with your outfit choices!

Boy shorts are adorable!

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Steamy Hot Boudoir Images

Why not get hot and steamy in the shower with your next boudoir session? Seriously what could be any sexier? It’s a great time to relax and reconnect with your body. Many high end hotels have glass shower enclosures just right for this type of  boudoir session. It would be utterly perfect for  a couples shoot as well. Call me about setting up your supasexy boudoir session and lets see what we can come up with for you! Don’t live on the East Coast? Then search our  boudoir directory for the perfect photographer in your area. Come on, you know you want to!



Images by Robin Owen Photography, Serving Maryland, DC and Virginia.

More Creative Ideas for Boudoir Shoots

Boudoir doesn’t always have to take place in a hotel room or studio setting. Get creative and venture outside!  While taking it outside can be a little tricky, you don’t want to get arrested or offend anyone, the results can be worth the extra effort!  Here are a few examples from Dragon Ink Photography, one of our listed photographers from New Jersey.

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THE BOUDOIR EXPERIENCE: A three part series. By Boudoir in Bloom

 Boudoir in Bloom ~ Ariazona Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir (pronounced “boo-dwahr”) means a woman’s bedroom in French. Add the word photography after it and you get a resurging trend that’s bringing the art of sensual, sultry photos to your everyday woman, making her look and feel extraordinary.

For many women, this is foreign territory and a stretch from their everyday personalities. We don’t usually see ourselves as sexual beings when we’re at work or doing chores at home. There is a time and place for everything and allowing ourselves to have an experience that will constantly remind us that we are beautiful is definitely worth the time.

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7 Helpful Hints For Buying Lingerie.

More Great Tips From NYC  photographer Shannon Michelle

Your getting married!
You’re booking a boudoir shoot!
You just want to feel pretty! 

 No matter what the reason, we all deserve to look our best at all times. That includes your undergarments! Below, you will find 7 helpful hints to help you get started as you embrace shopping for lingerie.

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