Boudoir posing and clothing ideas

Once or twice a week I would like to post boudoir photos to help you, the client,  with posing and clothing ideas for your upcoming boudoir shoot.  This set of photos of Amber Long   taken by me, Robin Owen are very soft and elegant. We were blessed with  gorgeous natural window light that day and I took full advantage of it.  The photos are very sexy without being too reveling.  The location you shoot in plays a big part in the quality of your images.  While a good photographer who knows their equipment and lighting can usually make most any location work, we can do oh so much more with a beautiful and exciting environment. For you girls who can splurge on a swanky, upscale hotel room for your boudoir session do it!  It will make your photos that much more stunning.

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About Robin

Robin Owen is a portrait photographer specializing in boudoir photography, glamour photography as well as sexy fine art nudes. She also photographs weddings and portraits of families, high school seniors and children. She operates a small successful boutique studio in Southern Maryland not far from Washington DC, but she frequently travels to shoot and teach boudoir workshops around the country.

4 thoughts on “Boudoir posing and clothing ideas

  1. Great images, nice and light on the makeup and not overpowering. The lighting is nicely done as well, not harsh shadows here…

  2. I love shots with natural lighting; however, I tend to be a control freak and prefer studio lighting. I don’t have to worry about weather concerns and don’t have to create shade.

  3. Lovely images Robin.

    I agree with fotoflixboudoir regarding studio, not because of the lighting but because renting high class hotel rooms would significantly add to my clients’ creation fee.

    Do you always shoot on location or are you able to create these wonderful sets in your studio?

    Inner Beauty Photography

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