Boudoir Photography for Couples

Boudoir photography has branched out in several different directions over the past few years.  Couples contacting boudoir photographers and requesting sexy photos together has becoming quite common.  When a couple is deeply in love they often want to capture that love in images.  These are usually fun and flirty but some clients may want to do a bit  of light hearted  role-play with things like blind folds and hand cuffs. I’m not talking porn here only suggestive playfulness.  It all depends on how comfortable the photographer is with your request. You should be forthright and tell them what you are looking for. Most photographers are fairly open minded.  It’s important to find a photographer that is a good fit for you.

  I recently saw some amazing photos of a woman with breast cancer, and her husband. The woman was nude and her husband was lovingly caressing her. She wanted the photographs so she could always remember what her body was like before she became ill.  These black and white images were powerful and moving. I’ll never forget them; you could see the sorrow in her eyes and the love in his.  I’ll try to find images like these to share with all of you at a later date. Right now I want to share these fun, happy photos taken by photographer Heather Walker of Columbus boudoir. Heather is one of our featured photographers. Her photos are amazing.  To see  more of Heathers work, visit her website

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Robin Owen is a portrait photographer specializing in boudoir photography, glamour photography as well as sexy fine art nudes. She also photographs weddings and portraits of families, high school seniors and children. She operates a small successful boutique studio in Southern Maryland not far from Washington DC, but she frequently travels to shoot and teach boudoir workshops around the country.
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