Augusta Georgia Boudoir- Boudoir Photography and Tattoos

I’ve noticed that about half of my boudoir clients have at least one tattoo somewhere on their body.   This is pretty interesting since the bulk of Augusta Boudoir clients are mothers or grandmothers!  When I had the chance to do a shoot in downtown Augusta, Georgia at Lucky 7 Tattoo, it was the first time I had ever stepped foot inside a tattoo shop.  I hate to ruin their rough around the edges image, but I actually found that I have a lot in common with the staff at Lucky 7. I felt right at home partly because they are parents like me. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but I even saw a mini-van parked out front of the shop).

I went into this viewing it as a an educational field trip of sorts. I came out of it with a softer heart because I made some very touching discoveries. I learned that people get tattoos for many reasons, including reminding them of someone they love, celebrating a victory, or both.

I noticed a winding vine on the mid-section of my subject….she lost her mother and grandmother to cancer so each year that she is cancer-free, she adds to her vine to celebrate another year of living and growing.   I think that’s simply amazing!  If you’re ever in downtown  Augusta, stop by and meet some very special people, holla and maybe even get some great ink at Lucky 7.